Hunting Ghosts in Vermont

Champlain Valley Ghost Hunters (CVGH) is committed to the understanding and research of the paranormal. We are an organized group of individuals who share the same approach to the paranormal.

We strive to provide accurate education to our clients whether their experiences have natural causes or paranormal causes. We are here to help in any way possible.

If you live in Vermont, New Hampshire, eastern New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut or Rhode Island, and you are experiencing paranormal activity, please contact us — we may be able to help. We also have ties to the Delaware Valley.

If you live in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware or Maryland, please also feel free to contact us. Given adequate notice, we may be able to assist in these areas as well. We have contacts with people all over the U.S., and hope to branch out to reach other areas or assist with other groups in the future.

CVGH will never dabble with Ouija boards or conduct seances. Our investigations are strictly in the scientific area, and we utilize the latest in technology to assist our clients.

We also strive to promote awareness of paranormal research within the community, specifically about how they are conducted. CVGH will never sell our findings or evidence as this may only hinder the community's view of other paranormal investigation groups.